Arm Candy Round Up

We’ve rounded up or bracelets and how to pair them. Our bracelets are perfect by themselves but even better stacked. Why purchase only one when we can show you how to up your arm candy game!


Our Leah bracelet is so classic and timeless. With its sleek gold and single pearl design it can elevate a t-shirt and jeans or pair well with a gown. If stacked its great with a watch or our Rachel bracelet.

Our Bithiah bracelet is three intertwined pave bracelet in one. People will see this bracelet from across the room. It’s great if you want to make a statement, for an extra statement stack two of our Bithiah bracelets or a few of our Rachel bracelets.

Bithiah Bracelet.jpg

Our Rachel bracelet is the ultimate timeless piece. It’s perfect for any occasion or outfit. It’s perfect solo if you want to add a little bit of bling. They also go great stacked together alternating metallics or paired with our Leah or Bithiah bracelets.

New Arrivals

Just what you’ve been waiting for, new jewelry!!! We’ve added some great new pieces to our site and wanted you to be the first to know. We’ve add a pierced oval hoop, Candace, and a silver cutout ring, Joanna.

gold oval hoops

Our Candace oval hoops are a great everyday hoop. They come in gold and silver with an etched design. The perfect hoop for any hair length and whether you’re running errands or going out with your girls.

Joanna ring

Our Joanna ring’s cut out design will shine on any finger. With it’s solve pave criss cross design this is a great stand alone ring. This ring won’t need to be stacked but can still be paired with rings on other fingers. Take from a black tie event to brunch, any occasion this ring will stand out.

Pave Pairings

We love a great pair of pave earrings here at Maxine & Jimmie. Whether you want a touch of bling or want full on sparkle. We round up our pave earrings with suggestions on how to wear them. Running errands or attending a gala we have the perfect pave pairings for you.

Our Tamar earrings have a sleek modern design create long lines and add subtle bling to any outfit. The plain hoop is great to balance out these earrings. You can dress these up or down and work great with a variety of hairstyles.

Looking for a bit more sparkle? Try our Claudia earrings. With the look of a hoop but the design of a post earring you get to show off the best part of the earring while wearing them. Whether your hair is up or down our Claudia earrings are perfect.

For a full on glitz, our Zipporah earrings will make sure you’re standout anywhere you go. With their tiered pave design they are great for a night out. Pair with an updo to beautifully frame your face.

The Fall Edit

It’s time for cozy sweaters and wool coats, fall is officially here… for most of the country. We have some great pieces that go perfect with the temperature drop.  


Our Asenath earrings are a great way to create long lines when complimenting a turtleneck. The linear design of the earrings accent the crisp neckline.

For those colder nights where you might need gloves, our Eisheba ring is perfect. Its sleek design fits comfortably under gloves and won’t snag on fabric.


Wearing a chunky Sweater? Look no further than our Merab necklace. It makes enough of a statement not to get lost on the oversize sweater while still conveying a classic feel from the pearl.

The Perfect Clip On Hoops

Our Abigail hoops are perfect for women who don’t have their ears pierced or want to give their ears a bit of a break.They are hypoallergenic with a 3“ diameter they are the perfect size for any occasion. We’ve got 3 hairstyles that go great with these earrings, so no matter the length or style these will sure to be your go-to earrings.

Abigail Earrings.jpg
beach waves.jpg

LONG: Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. Our Abigail hoops go perfectly with hair cascading on your shoulders. The peek silver or gold coming through your tresses will be the subtle compliment to any outfit for any occasion.

UPDO: From a simple undo to a quick messy bun, our Abigail earrings are a great go-to for throwing on with a t-shirt and jeans or the perfect date night dress. With your hair up and more off your face the earrings have more of a place to shine.

pulled back.jpg
short hair.jpg

SHORT: Your face and cheekbones are already the star, why not add our Abigail hoops to draw even more attention to them. Bob, pixie cut or buzz cut all go well with a great pair of hoops. A woman with a bold cut needs a bold earring!


Our Claudia earrings are great to elevate any outfit. You can take these from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown. Their timeless yet which design fit perfectly with any occasion.

Claudia Earrings.jpg

Want to elevate a T-shirt and jeans? Add our Claudia Earrings with a pair of heels and a great bag, you’re ready to go! They give a subtle touch shimmer especially if your hair is dow, straight or curly. Their design gives you the feel of an elevated hoop earring. It’s the perfect go-to whether you are running errands or brunch with your friends.


Looking to compliment an already gorgeous gown? Whether you let your tresses loose or pull them back, our Claudia earrings are the answer. The chic design goes perfectly with any neckline, silhouette and fabric. Wear these to a wedding or a gala and you’re sure to make a statement.

The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift

Fall wedding season is upon us and we know the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. We know it can be stressful to worry about all the little details along with the big ones for your wedding. We’ve got you covered with our guide to our favorite Bridesmaid’s gift and they can wear it on your big day too. 

Bridesmaids gift 2.jpg

Whether you’re looking for a timeless, elegant, modern or a statement pieces we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected a few of our favorites below but be sure to check out our entire collection to make the perfect choice for your favorite women.

Rachel Bracelet.jpg

Timeless: Our Rachel bracelet is the perfect timeless gift and a beautiful addition to any bridesmaid’s dress. It’s simple and elegant design has been and will be in style for many years to come. It’s seamless design creates a beautiful continuous pave design. 

Leah Bracelet.jpg

Elegant: The Leah bracelet is perfect for an elegant gift. It’s sleek design is not only timeless but the singular pearl adds an element of elegance that can’t be denied. Our Leah bracelet can work for a black tie to a beach wedding. It’s great for taking you from occasion to occasion. 

Damaris Earrings.jpg

Modern: The modern design of our Damaris earrings are great for your bridesmaids to pair with updos to create long lines or a slight peek of metallic if their hair is worn down. This modern stacked circular design is perfect if you have a high neckline or want to forgo a necklace. 

Mahlah ring.png

Statement: Our Mahlah ring is great for making a subtle statement that won’t overshadow that it’s your big day. It’s open design makes for an unexpected silhouette that glides down the finger.

Accessorizing a Bodysuit

We love a great bodysuit paired with high waisted jeans. This bodysuit would go great with a great necklace and bracelet since it’s sleeveless with a great neckline. 


This outfit would go great with our Lois necklace. Our Louis necklace is simple yet modern addition for your neckline. The dainty setting works perfectly to add the perfect touch to this neckline. 


Whether stacked or worn alone our Rachel bangle is the perfect arm candy. It goes great with any sleeve length but can really shine on a bar arm.  It’s timeless design will add to any outfit and be among your favorite pieces for years to come. 


For an added pop we’d add our Pheobe ring on the opposite hand you put the bangle on.  Your bare arm will create a long eye line straight to it making it a highlight all it’s on. It’s modern yet elegant which is pairs great with our Lois necklace and Rachel bangle. 


Introducing Maxine

Maxine Henry, mother of 4 and wife to the incomparable Morris Henry, was a women of flair and style. My cousins would tell me stories of how my grandfather would drive her across the country from Springfield Ohio to California so that she could shop the Neiman Marcus catalog in person. Can you say FABULOUS?!?!


She instilled excellence in all her children and was proud of their accomplishments. Always a beacon of Biblical teaching, Maxine was known to share the Gospel with anyone who graced her presence. With conviction and vigor she encouraged people to have faith in God, discover their purpose and to embrace change in their lives. 

Born to a bi-racial parent, hailing from Guntersville, AL, she was the epitome of strength, perseverance and zeal. Her experiences made her tough, but her faith enabled her to touch the hearts and minds of many.

Her style and fashion artifacts are unmatched. From mink stoles and leather swing coats, to luxurious hats and vintage chiffon dresses. My favorite piece from her closet that I was given is a fur muff that is both absolutely stunning and absolutely over the top for this California weather.

Albeit, not only did she impact my style aesthetic, she impacted my persona of strength and courage and most importantly a steadfast faith. 

Whether playing in makeup or doing her hair, we shared unforgettable special moments that fundamentally shaped my style, femininity and the essence of who I would become. 

This I do in dedication of her memory. 

xo - Janelle  


Introducing Jimmie Lee

Jimmie Lee was 1 of 3 girls born to James and Bertha. James sent all 3 of his daughters to college. My great grandfather instilled in my grandmother the value of education and that trickled down to me. Jimmie Lee attended junior college at 16, then North Carolina A&T University and then to Grady Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses. While there she met my grandfather and they started a family. In the 1970s she attended Pepperdine to further her education. 

Jimmie Lee.jpg

Jimmie Lee was a knockout, my mom used to tell me how men were always approaching them when they went out. I only saw this Jimmie Lee in pictures, she always had on a fabulous outfit with hair perfectly coiffed. She was a vision, I've always admired that poised and effortlessly chic woman staring back at me. She represented a God fearing, well educated, chic woman who was also the breadwinner for her family. As my grandmother's priorities have shifted over time she continues to instill in me the importance of education and encourages me to go after what I want in life. This line is for who she was, is and could have been. 

I love you grandma!