Your Favorite Items are Back in Stock

SOLD OUT, the worst two words for a shopping enthusiasts! Well, we have you covered. Don’t fret. Your favorite items are back in stock. Happy shopping!

Arm Candy Round Up

We’ve rounded up or bracelets and how to pair them. Our bracelets are perfect by themselves but even better stacked. Why purchase only one when we can show you how to up your arm candy game!


Our Leah bracelet is so classic and timeless. With its sleek gold and single pearl design it can elevate a t-shirt and jeans or pair well with a gown. If stacked its great with a watch or our Rachel bracelet.

Our Bithiah bracelet is three intertwined pave bracelet in one. People will see this bracelet from across the room. It’s great if you want to make a statement, for an extra statement stack two of our Bithiah bracelets or a few of our Rachel bracelets.

Bithiah Bracelet.jpg

Our Rachel bracelet is the ultimate timeless piece. It’s perfect for any occasion or outfit. It’s perfect solo if you want to add a little bit of bling. They also go great stacked together alternating metallics or paired with our Leah or Bithiah bracelets.

The Perfect Clip On Hoops

Our Abigail hoops are perfect for women who don’t have their ears pierced or want to give their ears a bit of a break.They are hypoallergenic with a 3“ diameter they are the perfect size for any occasion. We’ve got 3 hairstyles that go great with these earrings, so no matter the length or style these will sure to be your go-to earrings.

Abigail Earrings.jpg
beach waves.jpg

LONG: Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. Our Abigail hoops go perfectly with hair cascading on your shoulders. The peek silver or gold coming through your tresses will be the subtle compliment to any outfit for any occasion.

UPDO: From a simple undo to a quick messy bun, our Abigail earrings are a great go-to for throwing on with a t-shirt and jeans or the perfect date night dress. With your hair up and more off your face the earrings have more of a place to shine.

pulled back.jpg
short hair.jpg

SHORT: Your face and cheekbones are already the star, why not add our Abigail hoops to draw even more attention to them. Bob, pixie cut or buzz cut all go well with a great pair of hoops. A woman with a bold cut needs a bold earring!


Our Claudia earrings are great to elevate any outfit. You can take these from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown. Their timeless yet which design fit perfectly with any occasion.

Claudia Earrings.jpg

Want to elevate a T-shirt and jeans? Add our Claudia Earrings with a pair of heels and a great bag, you’re ready to go! They give a subtle touch shimmer especially if your hair is dow, straight or curly. Their design gives you the feel of an elevated hoop earring. It’s the perfect go-to whether you are running errands or brunch with your friends.


Looking to compliment an already gorgeous gown? Whether you let your tresses loose or pull them back, our Claudia earrings are the answer. The chic design goes perfectly with any neckline, silhouette and fabric. Wear these to a wedding or a gala and you’re sure to make a statement.